The ultimate Christmas gift guide for cyclists: 132 brilliant present ideas

If you’re not a cyclist, here are 30 great reasons to be one. But that’s probably not why you’re here. You’re here because you know a cyclist and you want to make them the happiest they’ve ever been this Christmas. Or perhaps you’re a bike fiend looking for some inspiration for your wishlist. Either way, we can help.

Below you’ll find an ever-evolving list of fantastic cycling-related Christmas gift ideas, categorised for different types of rider and into different cycling disciplines. We’ll be updating this guide over the next three weeks, so make sure to keep checking in. Go forth and find that ultimate present.

Christmas gift ideas: 12 presents for road cyclists

Like a strong tailwind, rich coffee and a smooth road without cars, here are 12 gifts guaranteed to make any roadie smile.


Christmas gift ideas: 12 presents for mountain bikers

Got a pal with a fondness for trails and an under-developed sense of self-preservation? We have the right gift for them here.

Christmas gift ideas: 12 presents for road cycling women

Got a speed-addicted (no, the good sort) friend? You won’t go wrong getting her one of these…

Christmas gift ideas: 12 presents for mountain biking women

Christmas gift ideas: 12 presents for the gadget-obsessed cyclist

Christmas gift ideas: 12 presents for adrenaline junkies

Christmas gift ideas: 12 presents for commuter cyclists

Christmas gift ideas for beginner cyclists

Christmas gift ideas: Kids’ bikes

Christmas gift ideas: 12 presents for designer cyclists

Stay tuned for updates to this guide over the next few weeks!

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Exposure MaXx D Mk8 light

The self-contained design of the Exposure MaXx D Mk8 avoids the dangling cable and fit issues inherent with separate battery setups.

It clicks securely into a bolted metal bar mount and the three spot and single diffused LEDs give a well balanced mix of long-range throw and wider trail context.


Remaining run time is shown as a percentage on the rear display and the upper back panel works as the button for seven user-switchable modes. In the three-level Reflex mode, accelerometers detect fast and furious riding and automatically flick the light onto its full 2,600-lumen output.

The Smart Port on the rear can connect it to rear lights or remote switches, or be used to recharge USB devices. Exposure’s lights are all UK built, recent reliability has been excellent and brand reps attend many events for help when you need it most.

  • Weight: 324g
  • Run time: 2hrs 15mins

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Christmas gift ideas: 12 presents for the gadget-obsessed cyclist

Cyclists are a varied breed, ranging from the wild and wooly to the quantitative and analytical. If your loved one falls into that latter camp, here are some data-driven gifts sure to get his or her inner statistician counting their blessings.

Garmin Virb XE videocamera

Sure, GoPro owns the action cam market with a variety of options, but it’s the live-data integration that sets the Virb apart. The Garmin Virb XE connects easily with your power meter and heart-rate monitor, and has its own sensors for speed and elevation, the data from which can be incorporated into the HD video footage graphics. 


Stages power meter

What do you mean, your data-driven cyclist doesn’t have a power meter? There are a number of great choices on the market now, with prices going ever lower (why can’t all bike products be getting cheaper?), but for our money, the crank-based Stages is the way to go. It’s tiny, lightweight and accurate. Hidden on the inside of the left crank, you can get power data to a Garmin or most any other head unit without visual broadcasting to the world that you’re training with power.

Wahoo Tickr

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

BSX Insight

TrainingPeaks Premium year subscription

Feedback Sports Alpine Scale

Recon Jet sunglasses 

Fit Bit ChargeHR

Zwift online training software


Garmin Edge 1000

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Shimano M163 trail shoes offer sensible flex, tenacious grip

Shimano is celebrating its 25th anniversary of SPD pedals and cleats with some commemorative gear. The relatively new M163 trail shoes are among the anniversary-gear lineup, but the $150 / £99 / AU$TBC shoes stand on their own with a few unique features.

The M163s are part of Shimano’s so-called TORBAL line (for torsion/balance), which offers substantial torsional flex to keep contact with the pedals without torquing on your feet when you’re leaning the bike. The plastic sole has enough give to be hike-a-bike friendly while still delivering your pedal power to the drivetrain. 

Speaking of hike-a-bike, a soft rubber tread runs the length of the sole.  Additionally, parallel rubber blocks on either side of the cleat deliver stability on the pedal.  


A straightforward ratchet buckle secures the fit with opposing Velcro straps. Whether the cross-strap has any effect or not is debatable, but the uppers themselves do move easily with the foot under flex, so that when when sole twists so too does the whole shoe, not just the foot inside.

There is good protection for the toe box and the heel, with some safeguarding along the sides, too.

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