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Storck Scenero Disc

Cast your gaze back but a few years and the very thought of a disc brake-equipped road bike would have been anathema. Now they’re 10 a penny. Futureproof stopping Okay, given the price of this Storck perhaps they’re not quite that common, but they’re certainly going to be part of the future. Even the never-knowingly […]

11spd: This week’s best new bike gear

Enjoying the holiday season? We sure are. However, a Friday is a Friday and no Christmas dinners or New Year’s parties will stop us from bringing you the latest bike gear to land at our doors. Yep, it’s the very first 11spd gear round-up of 2016, and rest assured, we’ll be back every Friday. Below […]

Seven ways to get fit this year

As much as we’d all like to just ‘be faster and fitter’, a vague goal like that is never going to be achievable without specific action. We asked seven cycling fitness experts to offer their advice and to suggest some fun and practical ways to make small but effective changes in your routine that will […]

The top six road stories of 2015

After years of slow evolution in the road bike world, 2015 ushered in a few big trends. This year we saw aero bikes that delivered that elusive mix of speed and great ride quality. We were swept up in a tidal wave of gravel/adventure/still-don’t-have-a-singular-term-for-them bikes, which in turn celebrate two other big trends in road […]

Quiz: BikeRadar's 2015 trivia challenge

As 2015 drifts away and is replaced by a sprightly new year full of promise, what better way to see it out than with a spot of trivia? Put down the drink for a moment and find out just how much cycling-based information you’re absorbed over the past 12 months. How did you do? Share […]

MBR’s Review of the Year 2015

The best bikes, the hottest gear and the prime riding spots from the last 12 months The rides In 2015 we’ve been all over the planet to bring you the best singletrack in the world, from …Continue reading » Source: MBR

Torch T2 helmet

Adding lights to your helmet is a popular and very good idea – it places them above the line of car lights and makes you easier to identify as a cyclist. Torch has taken that idea and built the lights into its T2 helmet so they look much sleeker and you can’t forget or lose […]

Santa Cruz Bronson II C S AM

For 2016, Santa Cruz has radically overhauled its Bronson all-rounder to create an addictively aggressive, adrenaline-pumping trail weapon that we couldn’t get enough of. Yep, it’s longer, lower and slacker It’s obvious at first glance that the revamped frame is longer, lower and slacker. The VPP linkages have been repositioned too, so the suspension doesn’t […]

BikeRadar gear of the year: Tom Marvin's 2015 MTB picks

While guiding the tech content on What Mountain Bike magazine I come across a lot of bikes and gear throughout the year, but I unfortunately have to punt a lot of it the way of other testers. Fortunately, that also means I get to cherry pick which bits and pieces I ‘need’ to test myself. […]