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The best mountain bike shock pumps

Getting your suspension set up properly is vital to getting the most from your bike’s performance potential. One vital step in that is getting a correct sag figure. For most modern mountain bike shocks, that means adjusting the air pressure inside the spring – and to do that you’ll need a shock pump. Compared with […]

Could pedal power solve the world’s energy crisis?

Pedal power is what unites most of our readers here at BikeRadar, and yet it could soon be something to unite the world against what is seemingly an inevitable energy crisis. That’s because Manoj Bhargava, a wealthy businessman and entrepreneur has pledged to provide India with 10,000 stationary bikes, each of which is set to […]

Hope R8 mountain bike light

Hope’s flagship light is a serious, beautfully constructed piece of kit that makes the most of the company’s legendary metal carving skills. The big broad head uses four top LEDs behind clear lenses, but puts the bottom four behind an opaque diffuser lens. That concentrates the 3,000-lumen power output in a relatively focused side-to-side beam […]

8 steps to the ultimate bothy biking adventure

If you’re looking for a proper outdoor backpacking adventure on your bike, but don’t have weeks to spend away, then a spot of bothy bikepacking is the perfect solution. Rather than staying under canvas or stars, you bed down in a remote mountain hut for the night. For us like many people, it’s one of […]

Is this the world's largest bike light?

If one of your priorities when riding is to be seen – as it damn well should be, in almost every situation – then chances are you’ll be interested in wearing the so-called world’s largest bike light, by Torch Apparel.  Yes, we did say wear. This isn’t a light for a bike – which is […]

Meet Q36.5 – fresh high-end road gear from an Assos veteran

Based in the Ticino region of southern Switzerland just across the border from Italy, Luigi Bergamo has been working with high-end road clothing for more than 20 years. After 13 years as director of R&D at Assos, Bergamo set out on his own with Q36.5, a boutique brand that produces only high-end road wear. We’ve […]

The Skinny: (Be thankful) you aren’t a pro

A lot of what we do as amateur road cyclists consciously or unconsciously mimics the actions of pros. We wear matching kit, we ride in chaingangs (or pacelines), and some of us shave our legs. And that’s completely fine. But don’t be fooled into thinking you have the same needs as a pro, and be […]

Manon Carpenter’s downhill bikes stolen

Sad news World champion Manon Carpenter was off the pace of rival Tahnee Seagrave by 0.12 seconds Manon Carpenter has had her entire collection of mountain bikes stolen. The bikes were kept in a garage and were …Continue reading » Source: MBR