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Four steps to making bike-based resolutions you'll stick to

The new year is full of the rusting wheels of good intentions. In an effort to tackle them early we asked performance psychologist Bill Beswick to suggest ways to ensure your resolution lasts… 1. Commit to paper Decide what your goal is and why you’re doing it, then write it down with a deadline for […]

CycleOps Classic SuperMagneto turbo trainer

It’s that time of year again when (if you’re reading this in the Northern Hemisphere) riding indoors occasionally seems preferable to venturing outside, so here’s a new and relatively inexpensive turbo trainer from CycleOps. Using its trusty Classic folding frame, the SuperMagneto takes minutes to assemble, measures just 49 x 52 x 29cm when folded, […]

13 Incline Alpha

The Incline, from Halfords house-brand 13, is marginally more expensive than the other budget bikes (the Trek Marlin 6, Specialized Pitch and Saracen Tufftrax) we tested alongside it – which when you’re working with prices this low, gives it an immediate advantage. Punching above its price point That said, the Incline’s outstanding performance would put many […]

The most lustworthy wheel truing stand in the world

If you prize the time you spend working on your bike as much as riding (and especially if you love building wheels), you’ll want to start saving your pennies right now. The German-made P&K Lie Special250 truing stand is far and away the most lustworthy piece of workshop kit we’ve ever seen – and there’s […]

Get more from your sessioning by training your muscle memory

Do you find that you’re stumbling as soon as the trails get a bit more technical? This latest technique from Matt Legg-Bagg at Pedal Progression will train your body to get into good habits, and it’s these habits that should make all the difference for your next session. Related: Sessioning the trail – practice makes […]

Scott Grafter Protect 12 Backpack

Scott’s Grafter pack has had some very welcome updates since the disappointing 16l version we reviewed in 2014, putting to rest some of our gripes and gaining even more rider friendly features along the way. Related: Scott Grafter Protec backpack As with most back protector packs, there’s no bladder included, but there is a tube […]

Van Nicholas Amazon Cross

Van Nicholas has made a success of offering reasonably priced titanium-framed bikes, and the Amazon is one of its popular longstanding models. This is the new spin-off, the Amazon Cross, set up for a life off the tarmac. Elegant Ti frameset The aerospace-grade titanium frame is created from round tubes – save for an ovalised […]